I have been doing traditional media illustrations since I was a child, but I recently started doing digital illustration as well. Here you can see all my illustrations, both digital and traditional media. Ready to talk about your needs? Get in touch.

blue and yellow logo with the letters 'S' and 'L' in a block formation

My Freelance Business Logo

stranger things and ghostbusters meet at last

Stranger Things Season 2 Ghostbusters Illustration

vector illustration of the tops of mountains poking through clouds, left half is daytime with a sun shining behind, right side is nighttime with the moon and stars shining behind, all enclosed in a circle

Day and night above the clouds

Image of red shoe and dog

Dog walking illustration

Overwatch logo made out of a Christmas holiday wreath

Overwatch Holiday Wreath Illustration

bearded man's face with brown hair with a green vortex in the background

Spydir in the Style of Rick and Morty

vector illustration with the left side a man's bearded face and the right side a robot face

Drew Space Illustration

logo with a sun and waves with text underneath that reads Helenes Retreat

Helene's Retreat Logo

graphite drawing of man with gun standing on top of train

Overwatch's McCree in graphite

Drawing of my Daughter in Graphite