One of the reasons I was contracted as a designer for CopyCopy were my illustration skills. Tasked with both reworking illustrations created by the previous designer and creating original work, I created quite a few illustrations during my short time there.

Web app

Telling mobile users about the web application.

This illustration was to accompany CopyCopy’s marketing efforts targeted at mobile users about the existence of the web app. They wanted to convey the idea that even in a place where you might not be able to use your mobile phone, your CopyCopy account will still work just fine. The previous designer had created this little guy as kind of a mascot, so I decided to continue using him in the marketing when possible.

Verify your email

Although you can sign up and start using CopyCopy right away, you are required to eventually verify your email address. This illustration was intended to be sent in emails as well as in-app alerts, meaning the content and concept had to be simple and - almost as important - centered. This particular image would be cropped into various dimensions and sizes for various devices and use cases.

Invite friends

Of course, when you use a great app, you want to share it with your friends. This illustration was meant to accompany the email telling you about what perks you get for referring your friends to CopyCopy, using a variation on their friendly “mascot” and another character that had been created previously.

Nearing quota

Warning about reaching your quota.

On the free plan, you have a quota of how many items you can add to your account per month. When a user is nearing their quota, CopyCopy sends them an email; this illustration is made for that email. I started out with a completely different idea about a fish that grew too large for its bowl, but that wasn’t a clear analogy for this particular message, so that concept was abandoned (I’ll probably post about it at a later point).

Install CopyCopy on other devices

To get the best experience, CopyCopy encourages users to install their app on multiple devices. After all, a ubiquitous clipboard is only useful if its, well, ubiquitous. To really hit this point home, CopyCopy wanted to show a user in a situation where one might need soemthing saved in their CopyCopy account on their mobile phone. Starting out with a partially started concept from the previous designer, I wanted to make it clear this wasn’t a tent in someone’s backyard. You might be roughing it, but you don’t have to be far away from your CopyCopy account.

Rate this app

After using the app regularly for a specific amount of time, they send out a friendly nudge email to ask for a rating for their application. This illustration was also meant to accompany the in-app notification asking for an app rating.