When I worked for CopyCopy, one of the challenges the company faced was how to grow interest in their referral program. By referring friends to CopyCopy, users could earn larger quotas or number of things they could add to their account each month. The challenge was that users weren’t using the referral program, and were frustrated with both the quota limits and the user experience around checking their quota. To help improve the user experience, it was decided to send an email to users when they were reaching the quota and tell them how to increase their limit: by referrals or with one of CopyCopy’s premium plans.


I was contracted to create some marketing graphics for these emails that would illustrate the quota in an engaging way. This was one of the first projects I worked on with CopyCopy, so we hadn’t really formalized the voice of the brand. The first idea we talked about was a faucet filling a glass, the glass representing the users’ quota.


This wasn’t very engaging, so I came up with the idea of a fish growing too large for its bowl: the fish is just fine if it doesn’t eat too much, but if it overfeeds it grows alarmingly large for its container.* I created a version for when a user was below their quota, for when they are close to their quota, and when they have met their quota. These could cover a variety of different marketing email situations.


*Let’s just be clear: if you overfeed fish, they die, they don’t grow bigger than their environment and have to be moved. Please don’t overfeed your fish.