Split Verse is a mixed reality production company, specializing in making videos for VR games and experiences. They needed a branding solution that would firmly cement them into the current mixed reality landscape, but also grow with them into the future. (I also designed their website; you can check that post out here.) Because their focus is on the gaming industry, they wanted their logo to reflect that in some way. I decided early on to do it in an anaglyph style, which is a pseudo 3D effect created by using two different colored images (usually red and blue) slightly offset from one another. Once we hit on the idea of mixing - or splitting - a traditional console gaming controller with a VR headset, the rest seemed to fall into place.

When it came to palettes, we needed to emphasize the “split” part of the brand, so I focused a lot on contrasting and complementary colors.

Palette ideas

In the end, we went with the cyan and deep red of traditional anaglyphs.

Final logo & variants