• Bass Pro Shops

One of my first projects when I was hired in 2010 at Bass Pro Shops was to redesign their store locator. The old map was dated and hadn’t been included in the website redesign in 2009. The needs were deceptively simple: make the new map larger to fit our new website format (before responsive design was widespread), update the design to match the new branding, and integrate it into our homegrown backend CMS for easier updating.

In 2014, I was tasked with updating the design of the store map again. This time, I was investigating options to use the Google Maps API as well as just updating the design and use the jQuery library for performance. Our first iteration was a version with the vector map. We removed all the background textures and moved the store information below the map instead of to the side to maximize the map area. We included an icon set showing the features available at each store after selection, as a summary of the information on the store page itself (redesigning the store pages wasn’t included in this project). Management really liked the version with multiple lifestyles, so they requested a mockup of what it would look like with a Google Maps implementation. I also played around with the placement of the store information.