Good riddance 2020!

Getting a fresh start feels so good.

Dribbble Weekly Warmup 011: Tarot Card

Meat Ghost

Overwatch Logo holiday versions

image of a hockey mask with purple stripes and a crack filled with gold

Jason No Face

I participated in a Dribbble + StickerMule challenge to make a halloween sticker.

Split Verse Website Design

Split Verse is a mixed reality production company.

Split Verse Logo

Split Verse is a mixed reality production company.

Port42 Logo Design

eSpeech Docs Logo

Logo for eSpeechDocs

Integrated Speech Solutions Logo

Liar's Lake Logo ideation

logo for Tacit OTS

Tacit VR Logo Design

Logo design for Tacit OTS, a VR training platform.

Over Quota Illustration for CopyCopy

Some marketing illustrations I created for CopyCopy's referral program.

AfroWarTiger Profile Picture

My gaming friend asked me to make him a profile picture for his online persona, AfroWarTiger.

Structured Data and the basics

One of the simplest ways to improve your search rankings is to use structured data to communicate with search engines.

Web Design Project Organization & Trello

As a solopreneur, I wear a lot of hats. Project manager is my least favorite, so I had to find a way to make it better.

CopyCopy Illustrations

Some illustrations I did for CopyCopy while contracted to work for them.

What is usability and why does it matter?

Usability is a term that gets thrown around a lot in website design, but often isn't explained very well to those who aren't designers or developers.

Windowfy Sass mixin

I wanted to learn Sass last year, so I made a little mixin to create nifty frames around elements.

Setting Up A Jekyll Site

A (somewhat) brief summary of why and how to setup a website with Jekyll, a static site generator.

World Watusi Association

From 1999-2015, I provided the web design and technical maintenance for the World Watusi Association's website.

Website Design Process

From new websites to redesigns, I have the same process I go through every time. This post tries to shine some light on that process.

Liar's Lake website

I provide the web design and technical maintenance for Liar's Lake Exotics' website.

business card for Smokie Lee, web designer and illustrator

My Business Cards

Behind the process of making my new business cards.

blue and yellow logo with the letters 'S' and 'L' in a block formation

My Freelance Business Logo

In which I talk somewhat about logo design and my new logo. Look! It's so cool!

stranger things and ghostbusters meet at last

Stranger Things Season 2 Ghostbusters Illustration

I can't wait for season 2 of Stranger Things.

vector illustration of the tops of mountains poking through clouds, left half is daytime with a sun shining behind, right side is nighttime with the moon and stars shining behind, all enclosed in a circle

Day and night above the clouds

A simple landscape inspired by early morning flights over the mountains.

Image of red shoe and dog

Dog walking illustration

A strange little illustration I did while thinking of logo ideas for a dog walking business.

Overwatch logo made out of a Christmas holiday wreath

Overwatch Holiday Wreath Illustration

A little holiday wreath I made for the Overwatch 2016 holiday event. (Fan art)

bearded man's face with brown hair with a green vortex in the background

Spydir in the Style of Rick and Morty

My husband Spydir illustrated in the Style of Rick and Morty. Another profile picture request.

vector illustration with the left side a man's bearded face and the right side a robot face

Drew Space Illustration

A Twitch profile picture for a local streamer, he wanted the illustration to be half his face and half the mask from Dead Space.

logo with a sun and waves with text underneath that reads Helenes Retreat

Helene's Retreat Logo

This logo was requested by Helene Morrison for her rental condo. She wanted a relaxed and feminine logo she could put on stationary, clothing, and wineglasses.

graphite drawing of man with gun standing on top of train

Overwatch's McCree in graphite

Overwatch's McCree in graphite from the Blizzard comic

Final version

Drawing of my Daughter in Graphite

I drew my daughter in graphite for a present for my mother.

Fallout 4 Birthday Map

A custom fallout 4 map I made for my husband's birthday.

Bass Pro Shops Store Finder

Store finder/store map concept for Bass Pro Shops.

Bass Pro Shops Social Page

When employed there, I redesigned the social network landing page for Bass Pro Shops.

Bass Pro Shops Gift Card Landing Page

Wireframe and mockup for a redesign of the gift card landing page at Bass Pro Shops.

Bass Pro Shops Product Page (unused)

Unused mockup for a redesign for the Bass Pro Shops product pages.

Bass Pro Shops About Us Page

I designed the 2014 version of the "About Us" page at Bass Pro Shops.